Do you know anyone suffering from eczema??

If so, we have a new clinical trial that is actively recruiting patients. Please call 855-554-6374 or use this link to notify us that you would like to be contacted.

Clinical Trial Government Identifier NCT03915496
Sponsor: Pfizer

Note: Qualified study participants will receive study drug, related testing, and compensation for their time and travel.

This study is looking to recruit adult patients (age > 18 years), with moderate-to-severe eczema for at least 1 year. The minimum of involved Body Surface Area is 10%.

How we measure body surface area (BSA)?
BSA is determined by measuring the number of handprints of involvement present. A handprint includes the palm and the fingers as shown in the image. 1-handprint is approximately equivalent to 1% of body surface area. In other words, if a study requires 10% – this will equate to 10-handprints.