What is a Registry?


This is an observational study where patients are followed to track treatments (medications, efficacy, length of time used), side effects, complications, and other medications & [...]

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What is a long-term extension?


A long-term extension follows an initial study. All patients on these studies will receive medications, typically for a longer time period of one to several [...]

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How we measure body surface area (BSA)?


BSA is determined by measuring the number of handprints of involvement present. A handprint includes the palm and the fingers as shown in the image. [...]

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What is a placebo?


A placebo is a treatment containing all compounds present in the investigational product except the active ingredient. It is necessary in clinical trials to [...]

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Will MDRI diagnose my condition?


Typically studies will require a clinical diagnosis prior to enrollment, and will request medical records from patients to affirm the date of diagnosis. [...]

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