ARQ-154-309: A study evaluating the safety and efficacy of topical Roflumilast foam compared to placebo in adult participants with scalp and body plaque psoriasis.

Clinical trial for adults (age > 18) with plaque psoriasis involving the scalp and body.

Severity classified as an investigator global assessment (IGA) score of at least 2, in addition to the involvement of < 25% total body BSA (see BSA determination below). A minimum of 10% of the scalp must be involved with a scalp-specific IGA of at least 3.

Study length: 8 weeks. NCT05028582

BSA is determined by measuring the number of handprints of involvement present. A handprint includes the palm and the fingers as shown in the image. 1-handprint is approximately equivalent to 1% of body surface area. In other words, if a study requires 10% – this will equate to 10-handprints.