Common Questions about Clinical Trials

Question: What should I expect during a clinical trial visit?

Patients typically need to allow 1-3 hours for their study visits. During these visits, the patients will be requested to fill out study questionnaires, have their vital signs taken, labs drawn, physical exam/assessments by a physician, and receive study medication.

Question: Do I have to pay for the medicine?

Qualified study participants will receive study drug, related testing at no charge to the clinical trial participants. Also, they will receive compensation for their time and travel.

Question: How do I know it’s safe?

All clinical trials are scrupulously reviewed by the FDA, I.R.B. (Institutional Review Board), our physicians and staff to ensure the utmost safety for all trial participants with the goal of minimizing side effects.

Question: What are some advantages in participating in a clinical trial?

  • You particularly will receive a treatment that works for you that you would otherwise not have access to
  • You will be closely monitored by our experienced medical staff
  • You could be helping others in the future with a successful treatment
  • You will receive compensation for your participation