Humira – 5 year study – Long-term safety and efficacy

Good news for everyone with chronic plaque psoriasis taking Humira!

humira 5 year studyIn a Humira 5 year study of over 6000 people in 13 countries, Humira (adalimumab) was demonstrated to be highly effective with a low rate of serious side effects. Over half of the patients in the study were clear or almost clear at 1 and 2 years. Over 60% were clear or almost clear at years 3-5. Safety data were similar to data collected in short-term trials, and no new safety signals were observed during the 5 years of the study. The rates of malignancies, including non-melanoma skin cancers, increased slightly after 3 years. Incidence rates of infection actually decreased over the 5 years, indicating that more time on Humira does not further increase your risk of infection.

Overall, this study shows that Humira continues to be safe and effective after long-term use.

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