Patient Perspectives –  Some words from patients regarding their experiences with clinical trials, what it takes being on a study, and their thoughts on MDRI.

I’ve been coming here for a little over 2 years and before this I haven’t had clear skin since like the age of 5 until I met these wonderful people. I’m 40 now. My psoriasis was horrendous, not the worse case I’m sure. I was always in pain from PsA. Then just 4 hours after my first initial set of study shots, I was a new person. All I could do was rub my smooth, soft, almost clear skin and cry happy tears sitting in aw. Since that day, I look forward to my 2 – 2 1/2 hour trip down here for the help with my psoriasis and then the trip back home is even better. So worth it. Honestly.

My life has been changed because of these amazing souls. I recommend them to people I know and don’t know, who have skin issues and need help. Absolutely amazing people here. I do not believe you can find a more caring medical staff than right here. Thank you all so much for everything!

I am very happy with Dr. Menter’s Dermatology Research Institute. It was a God send. I was up watching T V suffering with itching with all of the symptoms of Psoriasis and there was an Ad for patients. God answered my prayer. Everyone on this Team All of the Doctors, Patient Coordinator past present, lab Jackie. Especially Quinette and have been wonderful. Thank you again for a great experience and for helping me have a better life. Love Estella Savage
My psoriasis is 99% clear! The staff and Doctors are very caring and professional. It’s nice to be able to support research.

Everyone at the Research Institute has been very helpful, caring and the entire experience has been very rewarding. The Eczema that I have has decreased by 60% and I haven’t had to pay anything. Thank you Dr. Mansouri for contribution to research.

Dr. Menter recommended I take part in a Stelara study two years ago due to my severe psoriasis. Aproximately ten days after my first injection my skin became about 90% clear. I have remained 90-95% clear throughout the study.

My monthly visits have been very positive because of Dr. Bobby and Quinette. They have educated me and have always taken time to answer my questions. I appreciate them very much and am grateful for the positive experience I have had.

Patient Perspectives

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Patient Perspectives
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