Photo taken at 2017 Walk for Cure event

The National Psoriasis Foundation has several fundraising and awareness spreading efforts throughout the year. A staple of these events is the annual Walk for the Cure. This is a wonderful event where the community can come together for a healthy, enjoyable walk for a great cause.

Along with many other cities in the country, Houston and Dallas will each host this event this year (2021) and there should be participants present from Heights Dermatology, Texas Dermatology Associates as well as the Menter Dermatology Research Institute. The event will take place on 10/16/2021 in Houston, and soon after in Dallas on 11/13/2021. Please feel free to visit the National Psoriasis Foundation website for more information about these wonderful events.

It is also important to note that August marks National Psoriasis Action Month – please see our post (National Psoriasis Action/Awareness Month 2021) for more information. The National Psoriasis Foundation is a fantastic organization which has many ways that you can get involved, in fundraising, events and volunteering.